Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Destination Saigon" at Phuket Airport!

My gorgeous friend Sandy Weir is just about the most brilliant woman in Australian publishing, and pretty glam to boot. And dammit, she knows a good book when she sees one.
Recently she was on holiday in Phuket - cue global shortage of pina colada mix - and, on her way home, spotted Destination Saigon at the bookstore at Phuket airport and took this great shot for me. Right near Paul Theroux, no less!
I always get very excited when my book is sighted overseas. So far I've heard it's being sold in pirate editions in the backpacker districts of Ho Chi Minh City, at Bangkok International Airport, bookshops all around Hong Kong, Monument books in Phnom Penh and at Siem Reap airport.
And now at Phuket!

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