Saturday, October 11, 2008

Over the Moat

I'm leaving soon (on Wednesday) and to get myself in the mood having been reading Over the Moat by James Sullivan. At first I hated it, but now I'm about halfway through it I'm absolutely in love with it. Sullivan isn't afraid to make himself look foolish, and when an author is that honest it's almost impossible to dislike their book.
What intrigues me is that it all took place back in the early 90s - why on earth did it take him 10 years to write it all down? It was confusing me at first - he was writing about all kinds of things and I was thinking, "That isn't true! Vietnam hasn't been like that for years!" And then I read more carefully and saw that he was describing the events of 1992, when things were exactly as he describes.
Amazing how much things have changed - this book is a fascinating little window into a specific moment in Vietnam's history.
Well worth a read.