Friday, July 24, 2015

Travel Writing with Spirit - a wokshop with Walter Mason and Laneway Learning Sydney, August 4, 2015

In August I am so excited to be working with Laneway Learning Sydney teaching a travel writing workshop.

Please note that it is essential you book ahead for this workshop.


Travel Writing with Spirit

Wednesday, August 5th
7:00pm to 8:15pm
Waverley Library
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Please note:

We will have some fun colorful Archie Grand hardback notebooks for $8 at the venue, or choose ticket option 2

What’s it all about?

We are all travelling more and more, and we all ache to make something more meaningful of our experiences. To be able to write down our adventures in a way that is both entertaining and engaging moves us beyond the mere collection of sights and destinations. Get in touch with your spiritual side by turning your next holiday into something more transcendent: a soul journey. Learn how to be a special kind of travel writer, one who engages the heart as well as the head and seeks to make a greater understanding of the incredible insights and connections made during travel. Eat, pray, love and get it all written down – who knows where the journey might take you?

What will we cover?

    Thinking about your soul, not just your airline ticket

    How to begin to write with spirit about your experiences at home before you even head abroad

    The importance of journaling and the various tools you can use

    Beginner’s mind – cultivating a mood of awareness and allowing amazing things to happen to you

    Enriching your experience – what to look for when you write it all down and how to make it sing