Monday, February 6, 2012

Change of Name, Change of Focus

This blog was first established way back in 2009 as a collection point for my thoughts and experiences about Vietnam, containing many things that would eventually go into my first book, Destination Saigon.
That book has, for a long time now, had its own website, which you can see here, and where you can continue to read all sorts of interesting stuff about Vietnamese religion and culture, Vietnam travel advice, the Vietnamese community in Australia and my own interactions with things, people and matters Vietnamese.
I am about to embark on a long trip to Cambodia to finish my second book, which will, as you might already have guessed, be about my love for that country and my many wonderful journeys and connections there.


So please join me as I begin to explore more publicly my travels in Cambodia and my engagement in, and fascination with, Cambodian culture in all of its incredible complexity and wonder.
Welcome to my new blog, which is now called A Book About Cambodia.

Hope you enjoy!