Sunday, September 19, 2010

Destination Saigon in Siem Reap!

I had a wonderful email from my old friends Beth and Peter at the Bay Bookshop in gorgeous Batemans Bay.
They have just come back from Cambodia (where, incidentally, I'm headed at the end of this year to write my second book), and they were overjoyed to discover my book, Destination Saigon, at Monument Books in Siem Reap International Airport!

How wonderful.
Last week I heard from a friend who has just come back from Bangkok, and he says that Destination Saigon is prominently displayed in the airport bookshop there, as well.
And of course, it continues to be a fixture at airport bookshops across Australia.
It's so woderful to hear that my little book has struck a chord with travellers to Asia, and a great big thanks to all of those shops that continue to support it!

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